5 Best Kids Smart Phones You Can Get For Children

most reliable kids smart phones

Finding smart phones for kids is different than finding smart phones for anyone else. While you would want to know what your new phone lets you do, in case of your kids, you will be more interested in knowing what they stop them from. Finding the perfect kids smart phones is important since there are many aspects associated with them that you will never want to affect your child. Relax! Smartphone companies have come up with various kid-friendly options that will be the best for your children. Based on your child’s age and interests, there are many smartphones you can choose from.

Best Kids Smart Phones

Here’s a list of best smart phones for kids that you can get.

1. VTech KidiBuzz

This phone by KidiBuzz is for kids who are solely interested in games. It comes with 44 preloaded games that let your kid explore science, math, and spellings. Kids can take pictures and use digital stickers, frames, and filters. Parents can easily control the calls and text contacts on the phone. You can also monitor the websites and apps that are accessible through it. This kid-friendly smartphone has a shatterproof screen and tough case for any rough handling.

budget friendly kids smart phones
Kids smart phones for games

2. Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch comes with numerous features of an iPhone, however, with no access to a cellular network. Kids can listen to music, play games, use Facetime, and take pictures. But phone calls and internet access is possible only when there’s a Wi-Fi network available. Parents can set privacy and content restrictions using iOS parental controls to prevent kids from making any in-app purchases.

3. Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1 is the best phone if you’re seeking toughness. It has a solid aluminum body, which makes it right for kids. It comes with a fingerprint sensor and an extra-large screen. Its Android operating system offers an easy interface with Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google apps, along with impressive cloud services.

4. Moto G8

This one is an affordable Android smartphone to keep your kid connected. It comes with Android 10, good battery life, and a good camera. Moto G8 has a durable plastic build with 64GB storage, children’s apps, and headphones jack. It is a perfect pick for teens.

best kids smart phones
Kids smart phones with parental controls

5. Honor 10 Lite

Honor offers many great, budget smartphones, and this one is no exception. However, the negative side is Google’s decision to suspend Huawei and subsequently Honor from any future apps and Android updates. This is a brilliant phone, otherwise. It comes with 3 GB RAM, impressive performance, and excellent looks. It’s a great phone for selfie addicts.

Final Thoughts

While your kids may need smartphones for some or the other reason, making the right choice is important. Make sure you get something that does no harm to them. These best kids smart phones will help you to make a better decision. To let your kids move in pace with the world, do not think too much. All you need is good research and safe choices. Choose the safest!

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