8 Most Reliable Smart Phones For Seniors

Most suitable smart phones for seniors

While mobile-technology is advancing every day, smartphones are becoming an important part of life. Bridging the distance between people and making it easier to connect, mobile phones are making lives easier. Well, when it comes to senior citizens, there’s a need for phones that are easy to use and maintain. The smartphone making companies worldwide have come up with various products that will make the best smart phones for seniors. You may already know most of them, but some research will surely help you choose the best one.

Best Smart Phones For Seniors

Go through our list of most user-friendly smartphones that are perfect for senior citizens.

1. Jitterbug Smart2

This one is a dedicated smartphone for seniors. With a simplified interface and large screen, it is specially designed for senior citizens. Readable texts, big icons, and a clear menu makes it easy to use. You can text someone, take photos, or access maps very easily. It is an Android phone with a simple UI that lets you use various apps.

User-friendly smart phones for seniors
User-friendly smart phones for seniors

2. iPhone 6S / SE

This iPhone model is an elder-friendly device with a physical home button and a simple interface. Further, iPhones can always be trusted for their security. They come with the best accessibility features. You can change display settings as needed.

2. Nokia 2

This smartphone is just another perfect phone for seniors who only need it to make calls, text someone, or take pictures. It has the Android Go operating system, which makes it work efficiently with less clutter. You can customize UI settings as needed.

3. Doro 8035

This smartphone is quite similar to Jitterbug Smart2 with a physical home button. This phone can run on Doro’s intuitive UI or the standard Android UI. It comes with the Google Assistant, great camera functionality, internet services, and many more.

4. Motorola Moto E5

This smartphone comes with Stock Android that gives minimal design and clean experience. You can adjust the accessibility setting to make it friendlier. It would be great if you simplify the home features with an elder-friendly launcher.

5. Google Pixel 3A

If you are not concerned about the money you have to pay, this could be a great smartphone choice for elders. Its clean Android experience and camera make it worth having. You can customize the device for great use.

6. Samsung Galaxy J7

This is a standard Android smartphone and the best of all. A little customizing will let you use the simplified version of this smartphone. It can be trusted for its readability, camera, and 4G support. This one could be a perfect premium choice.

best smart phones for seniors
Reliable smart phones for seniors

7. Honor 8A

Honor 8A could also be a great smartphone for seniors. Its simple mode is fine-tuned for elderly users. There are numerous features that make it easy to deal with.

Final Thoughts

While smartphones are rapidly making their way into our lives, these best smart phones for seniors will keep them moving and connected with the world. They come with simplified user interfaces and tons of features which your elders will love. Pick one of them and help your seniors to keep pace with the world.

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