Best Tablets In 2019: An Informative Guide -

Best Tablets In 2019: An Informative Guide

Are you looking for the best tablets in 2019? Read this article to find out our top picks for you. Tablets are revolutionary digital items that enable you to be your most productive self. They are like larger smartphones and you can do a number of things on them, from office work to watching movies. Here are our top recommendations for you if you are looking for the best tablet that can give you the value of your money. 

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)

Best Tablets In 2019: A Guide
Best Tablets In 2019: A Guide

We all know that Apple is an amazing company when it comes to producing gadgets. Their Apple iPad Pro deserves to be on this list because of a number of reasons. It is a stylish device that is optimized for productivity and it is essentially good at everything. It has flat edges and a slimmer figure. There is no home button and it opens by the Face ID software. It has a USB-C port that gives you more accessories and peripheral options. It has a direct processor and a neural engine.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

This is an amazing option if you’re looking for an android tablet. The tablet resembles the apple iPad pro with a beautiful display and it is optimized for productivity. This tablet supports HDR content and even viewing a non-HDR content is amazing. The tablet is equipped with four speakers that are loud and going to fulfill all of your auditory needs. It also has cameras on both front and back that are good enough for selfies, video chatting, and premium photos. The battery is also strong enough to get you through a day’s work. It can be charged within only two hours. The tablet also comes with its own stylus for writing and other commands. 

iPad Mini 5

Best Tablets In 2019: A Guide
Best Tablets In 2019: A Guide

If you are looking for a smaller tablet, go for the iPad Mini 5. This is one of the most progressive tablets in the market and it comes in a compact size. It has a powerful bionic processor that makes its performance silky and effortless. Don’t let its size fool you because this is capable of various activities like playing video games, editing photos, or even sketching. This is updated so it can support the latest Apple Pencil so we can actually use the interactive stylus for different commands.

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