Challenges For Chinese Smartphones In The Global Market -

Challenges For Chinese Smartphones In The Global Market

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As these markets expand there is also a rising demand for phones from China. If you are looking for the latest and greatest in smartphone technology and want to buy a phone that will fit into your budget, buying smartphones from China is the answer you have been seeking.

It seems as if the Chinese market share for smartphone makers has been on the rise in recent years. There is no doubt about this. In fact, their penetration into markets outside of China continues to grow at an accelerated rate. The world’s biggest electronics market, China is now home to some of the biggest names in the global smartphone industry including manufacturers like Oppo, Vodafone and HTC. If you plan to maximize your investment potential by getting the most value for your dollar than investing in budget Chinese smartphones, then buying smartphones from China is the way to go. To receive a larger slice of the global smartphone market, Chinese, smartphone brands are now making devices with better specs of feature-rich features and with price tags that will not break the bank.

Lower Prices

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One reason why Chinese smartphones have been luring people who want an affordable, feature-rich and high-end smartphone is because they have lower prices than many of the top manufacturers in the west. This is especially true of high-end smartphones in some regions of China. Some people compare the cost of a cheap, entry level smartphone in China to what they would have to pay for one in the west – a few hundred dollars. In some cases, this difference could be up to 20%.

The other reason why Chinese smartphones are popular across the globe is that they have a variety of features that are not available in the high-end smartphones. For example, some of these low-end phones include video calling features that have become a must-have feature in high-end smartphones. Some even include internet browser capabilities which are similar to those found on the iPhone and Blackberry. These low-end phones also have better memory capacity and faster processors than their counterparts in the developed world.

Because Of Their Usability

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The third reason why these low-end smartphones are gaining popularity across the globe is because of their unique selling points. As we all know, China is known to produce high quality electronics products. This is evident by the popularity of Chinese electronic brands such as smartphones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and camcorders. Another reason why these smartphones are so popular globally is because of their usability. Most people who use these devices do so because they are easy to use.

On the other hand, the Android ecosystem is not as robust when compared to China’s manufacturing standards. One important example of Android phones whose portability is not as good as the iPhone or Blackberry’s is the Google smartphone. Although it has a large storage capacity as compared to other Android phones, it has a tendency to drain the battery of its energy quickly. This is one downside, especially when you consider that Android devices are usually used for web browsing or for watching videos. The battery life of these devices can also pose problems especially if they are not regularly used.


Samsung was one of the first major manufacturers to introduce a smart phone specifically for the Chinese market. Apart from being a major manufacturer of mobile phones in China, Samsung also holds a strong foothold into the global smartphone market with its assortment of cellular devices.

Its most successful effort so far is its version of the Galaxy S. It is one of the best selling smartphones in the world. Despite this, the Chinese smartphone market has not been able to match the popularity of its American counterpart.


Despite these setbacks, there are still some signs that the Chinese brands might be able to overcome these challenges in the future. Recent rumors suggest that more smart phones from these Chinese brands will be available for download on the black market. This move by these companies could be an effort to lessen their dependence on the Chinese government. However, given the growing popularity of these devices, these brands’ global market share is likely to increase in the coming years. Whatever the case is, these Chinese brands have a lot to gain in this global market.

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