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Cool gadgets can be brought into the market easily. It can be for surveillance, tracking, or reconnaissance. However, some people love to have cool gadgets that make lives a bit easier. Below, we shall look at some cool tech gadgets.

Spy Cameras

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You can choose to get one of these popular spy cams. You can utilize them for video recording, taking photos. Some spy cameras are so small, while some are of normal sizes.

However, they can perform the same functions. It can record as soon as it detects any movement in front of it. A smoke detector can have similar looks to the real smoke detector. They are great for monitoring babies.

They record audio and videos. They often have IR night vision to help take footage in dark places.

Spy Pen Recorder

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Another cool gadget is a spy pen recorder. It has a similar shape to a real pen. You can utilize it for writing too. Comes with a button which you twist to start or stop recording.

To record, turn clockwise, and to stop, turn anti-clockwise. It can record up to 114 hours of the audio message. It allows you to navigate between voice activation settings and continuous settings even when no one is talking.

It comes with over 31 -hours of battery life. Standby mode lasts up to 30 days. There is over 8GB of storage. There is a USB connection that will enable you to transfer audio files between the pen and your computer.

Fingertip Wristwatch Phone

For lovers of old spy movies where you see actors talk to their wrists, you won’t have to utilize phones often through this watch. The trendy thing about this watch is that you can connect the phone through Bluetooth. Hence you can send distress calls by pressing the button on the watch.

It comes with a body conduction unit that makes it possible for you to hear when you move the hand with the watch to your ear. Press your fingertips to your ear to receive calls.

Pocket Cameras

An amazing gadget that can detect tiny cameras in any room you enter. It is great for checking hotel rooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms against spying cameras. Hence, it is effective against stopping the invasion of privacy.

Anytime you feel you are being spied upon, this tiny gadget will be vital to you. The device has a viewfinder hole that you can look through while pushing the start button. There are six LED light lenses on the camera.

Their function is to help you find any hidden camera in the room. They do that by reflecting light off any camera lens in the room. It is an important gadget to have with you whenever you travel.

Signal Jammers

Ever been in a situation where you don’t wish your phone to ring? These tiny but the cool device can help jam cellular signals at a distance within sixty feet. It can distort audio recorded by recording devices during a conversation.

It is built to disrupt signals and frequencies, but any recording device won’t receive any audio because of this gadget.


There are a host of gadgets for you to pick. Most of these cool gadgets can serve as great gifts too. Shop around, and check the one you want.

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