How To Choose Expensive Smartphones -

How To Choose Expensive Smartphones

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There’s a general misconception that mid-range smartphones are too popular amongst consumers. But rather than the smartphone business being the main driver of phone sales, there’s been a shift towards a new set of ‘high value’ phones that have some great features. In today’s competitive market, cell phones of all brands are becoming more attractive.

What Makes Up An ‘Expensive Smartphone’

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But rather than being the main driver, there’s been another shift in thinking about what makes up an ‘expensive smartphone’. In fact, this shift is taking place faster than we’ve ever seen before. In recent years, the smartphone industry has seen a realignment where the cheapest and most feature-rich phones have all been priced beyond most people’s budgets. However, from next year onwards, there will be a new crop of ‘affordable’ mobile phones that will sit right within the affordable price bracket.

So exactly what features can you expect to find on these new ‘affordable’ smartphones? Well, firstly, they’ll all have camera lenses, fingerprint readers, WiFi capability and the like. In fact, there are now many companies that have designed their new smartphone so that it has a built-in camera. Now you don’t have to purchase a separate camera bag or any other accessory to attach your photos. All you have to do is use the built-in camera in your handset.

The Blackberry Playbook

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Another ‘affordable smartphone’ with an incredible screen is the BlackBerry Playbook. It offers all the functionality of an iPhone, but at a fraction of the price. Available with a price tag of just over $500, this black diamond tablet is the perfect choice for anyone who needs the best in terms of features and applications. And if you want to check it, you can even use BlackBerry’s online browser to access websites, blogs and more. With a price tag like that, you will never again worry about how much you are spending on your smartphone.

If you are worried about the weight of your phone, the BlackBerry Playbook is not the only handset that will allow you to use it whilst keeping it light. The phone is just barely over a hundred grams in weight, which is quite remarkable when you consider the size of other leading smartphone devices. This sleek device is also ideal for those who need to use their device whilst travelling, as it comes with a slim design and a comfortable, leather-carrying case. So those looking for a smartphone with all the latest features and high-tech design will be very pleased with the BlackBerry Playbook.

Smartphones And Their Features

Some of these latest, stylish and expensive smart phones have come equipped with music players, such as those manufactured by Apple. There is also a Bluetooth headset designed to work with the device, allowing you to enjoy your favourite audio wherever you go. So, whether you want to keep an update with your favourite radio station, or catch up on your favourite TV show, the Bluetooth headset will give you the freedom to do so. Other accessories that may be purchased to accompany these devices include data storage kits, Bluetooth headsets and wallpapers.


The best thing about these devices is that the price tag does not even come close to the price of a good quality diamond. If you have a higher end phone, which is likely what you are searching for in an expensive phone, consider getting a case that not only protects the phone but also looks good on it. There are several different types of cases that are available. Whether you are looking for something that has a classic design and gives your phone a unique look, or something that has more of a modern look – there is a case out there for you. And when you find it, you will know it and you will not have any problem holding onto the case as your phone is protected from all the nicks, scrapes and breaks that normal phones can receive.

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