5 Newest Cool Gadgets Of 2020

Newest Cool Gadgets

If you are a tech-savvy person and loves collecting different types of unique gadgets, then we have a wonderful collection of the newest cool gadgets to wow you. These have different uses but all of them showcase man’s thinking and invention skills. Some of these are unique tools that render ease and functionality in your day-to-day living, while some enhance the functioning and maintenance of your other gadgets. Have a look.

best and newest cool gadgets
Best and Newest Cool Gadgets

Newest Cool Gadgets

Magnetic Textile Mounting Disc with Strap For Action Camera GoPRO 5 4 3+

This is a magnetic disc to mount GoPro and other action cameras to capture that perfect view while kiteboarding, skydiving, and paragliding. It has extra-strong magnets and hooks to keep the mount in place. This gadget comes with safety cable hooks to firmly hold the disc with the camera. It is compatible with GoPro and SJ camera. This tool is made of magnet and cable loops and is 13 cm long. It weighs 150 gm. You get two magnetic textile discs with one package along with a 24-inch safety leash cable. Many times, you cannot take the ideal picture from your GoPro or camera because you do not have any accessory to hold your device, but with this magnetic disc, you can place your devices at strange angles and take the best-ever pictures.

Mini USB Powered Mini LED Lamp

This awesome gadget is suitable for dark places or emergency power interruptions. It is designed with a flexible tube and twist to desired directions. The gadget is environmentally friendly and has a unique power-saving feature. You can directly plug into any 5V USB port. It is perfect for computers and laptops. This LED light is made from plastic and is available in 8 LED or 3LED variants. The power source is DC5V. You can use this mini-portable LED light in those hard-to-reach corners where you desire illumination.

Mini Portable Mushroom Dust Vacuum Cleaner

These cute mushroom-shaped vacuum cleaners may surprise you but are in reality very efficient. These ergonomically designed gadgets are portable and can fit into tiny spaces. These are easy to operate and are made to use on tables, desks and other dusty places. Each gadget measures 10 x 8.5 cm. This tool is especially useful in cleaning those narrow corners of other gadgets and tools which are hard to reach otherwise. Use this mushroom-shaped vacuum cleaner to clean the dust off your laptop keyboards or your TV remotes. This cool device will render all your places spic and span.

Smart newest cool gadgets
Smart newest cool gadgets

Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

With its high-fidelity stereo sound and around-ear cushion design, it lets you experience the real music. You can use either wireless or wired, with up to 20hours of music on wireless mode. This one comes with an adjustable headband and carries it anywhere. It is built with Bluetooth 5.0 it is guaranteed durable and effective with multi-function buttons. It is made with a soft ear pad that is comfortable to wear and is compatible with most devices. The capacity is 600 mAh and you get more than 20 hours of music time.

Mini Digital Voice Recorder

There’s a lot of advantages and features using the product like dynamic noise reduction. You also get variable speed playback and it can be translated into 18 languages. It uses Core Technology and has multi-functional features for sound activating recording. This product is used to play music and process files anytime, anywhere. It can be used for Android mobile phone using OTG Connection. So grab this awesome recorder now!

Modern-day gadgets have added to the ease and comfort of man. Today, there are millions of gadgets on the market, each suiting different purposes and needs. Some gadgets have become a quintessential part of our lives and we cannot even imagine our lives without them.

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