Nokia Smartphone Buying Guide

Nokia Smart Phones

Amidst all the various phone brands out there, which one seems to be the most reliable for you? Is it Nokia, and you want to buy a smartphone for the same brand? There are numerous options to choose from, and you would feel like it would be great if someone would help you out. Do not worry because the Nokia smartphone buying guide is here. With this guide, you can pick out the best one that fits your budget and is of a great performance as well. So why wait when you can check out the models?

Best Package On Average

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Nokia 8.1 is one of the best ones that you can get with a power-packed performance. It has a very sleep and stylish look, and you can get it on the online and offline platforms. It has high quality and comes with fast performance. The prominent selfie camera is something to look forward to, and it has an operating system fo Android 9. HMD Global is responsible for all the updates, and it supports wireless charging as well. It comes under a price of 450 dollars, and getting it is easy from the official website.

Best Phone Battery- Nokia Smartphone Buying Guide

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Nokia 7 Plus is the one for you if you want something with a robust battery. Without charge, this phone can work upto two days, which is great for people who mostly work outdoors. It is just like the old mobile phones from Nokia, but just a bit smarter. It has a great value for money and also comes with ideal charging speed. The outlook fo the phone has an attractive design, and the entire costing is about 340 dollars. Therefore it is quite easy on the pocket as compared to the other smartphones.

Amazing Camera

Want a phone with good photos? Then you can pick out Nokia 9 Pureview without any delay. There are many data storage options and comes with five cameras at the back of the phone. It is not perfect as yet, but there is an easy maintenance option with quick upgrades. There is a lot of improvement, but the smartphone’s performance is worth the appreciation. The hardware is solid, and the software enhances with every upgrade. There is a huge potential in this phone for sure.

Entry-Level Phone- Nokia Smartphone Buying Guide

The Nokia 1 Plus is one of the benchmarkers when it comes to entry-level smartphones. It has Android Go, which will support the auto-update function, and the performance gives ultimate value for money. It is just for the people who is a complete novice and not very tech-savvy. Therefore it is a good smartphone for older adults.


If you want, you can also pick out the retro looking phones like Nokia 2720 flip, but then the choice is completely yours. Just check out the specifications to know that you are getting what you need. There are many online and offline platforms in which you can buy the phones, but check out the Nokia Smartphone buying guide first. Leap on to make the perfect investment!

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