Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I) -

Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I)

Getting a long battery life is important so that you can skip the part where you need to update it every now and then. Here are some tips to prolong phone battery life. It is easier to take care of your battery than to have it replaced. This is also the more economical choice because some batteries tend to be pricey. Instead of having it replaced every few months or so, simply follow these tips for a long battery life.

Understand The Phone Battery Life

Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I)
Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I)

Understanding the life cycle of your battery will lead you to take better care of it. Every charge cycle slightly damages and degrades your battery. These small changes can snowball into a major problem in the future. A charge cycle refers to you draining your battery to zero and then charging it to a hundred percent. They say that about four hundred charge cycles will decrease your battery’s lifespan and performance by about twenty percent. That means that it is only eighty percent capable compared to its prior performance. other resources actually say that you reach this point after only one hundred charge cycles.

It is very hard to pinpoint which is the most accurate definition but to be on the safe side, you should do your best to limit the number of charge cycles your phone battery goes through. Find the balance between preserving the battery and using your phone to be productive. For instance, reduce the brightness of the screen or turn down the volume if possible.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Phones are inanimate objects. Intense temperatures affect phones. Avoid extreme temperature conditions like letting your phone freeze in your bedroom or letting it bask in the heat as you leave it in your car.

Don’t Go For Fast Charging

Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I)
Tips To Prolong Phone Battery Life (Part I)

Fast chargers sound convenient because you can fill up your battery at a shorter amount of time, but they actually have drastic effects on the health of your phone’s battery. it is actually far better to slowly charge your battery. it is not stressful for the battery and the limited current won’t harm the components. Fast charging has dangerous side effects like overheating and damaging the lithium ion cells due to the rapid transmission of energy.

Do Not Drain Your Battery

It is very important that you avoid letting your battery dip to zero percent as this limit their lifespan. It also affects the so called “battery memory” in which the battery will perceive that zero percent is the baseline for its performance. completely draining it is actually stressful for the battery. consequently, you should avoid overcharging your battery to the point that it reaches a hundred percent. These extreme conditions are stressful for your phone. It is advisable to go above twenty percent but lower the ninety percent.

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