Top Camera Phones In The Market -

Top Camera Phones In The Market

One of the main reasons why people upgrade their phones is because of the camera. Choosing the top camera phones is quite difficult since smartphone models often change at a fast rate nowadays. For those making a major living from photography, having a good camera is crucial but after reading this article, you will find something that will make you reach less for your camera and impress people with the shots from your phone. Honestly, smartphones can’t challenge of mirrorless cams and DLSRs for their quality. But there are two things from which they can capitalize on: 1) they’re always in your pocket; 2) you can instantly share pictures and videos to your family and friends.

iPhone 11 Pro

Top Camera Phones In The Market
Top Camera Phones In The Market

The iPhone 11 Pro is considered the best overall camera phone at the moment. It features ultra-wide angle and telephoto lenses. But they are the least of the enhancements Apple made to its current models. What they did was to focus on the software to further improve its computational photography and video capabilities.  It also has Night Mode for low-light photography.

“Slofies” are becoming the new selfies nowadays. The iPhone 11 Pro’s front camera can capture slow motion clips for a more dynamic and dramatic “slofies”. Its three rear cameras can record in 4k resolution at 60fps. Other features include a better battery life, durable design and a fast charging capability.

Google Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 is currently in first-place in the android platform. Its 12.2-megapixel wide-angle and 16-megapixel telephoto lenses work together to give you stunning images in almost all conditions. It also features a Live HDR+ feature to allow the user to see the processed picture in real-time even before pressing the capture button. Google has once again boosted its Super Res Zoom Technology to enable it to capture images up to 8x power digitally and look nearly as good as an optical lens will produce. It also has 90Hz display. Other features include a more effective face lock, and clever AI software.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Top Camera Phones In The Market
Top Camera Phones In The Market

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the most versatile camera phone at the moment. Its time-of-flight depth sensor and telephoto lens are perfect for shallow depth-of-field portraits. While the phablet’s ultra-wide lenses was specifically made for landscape shots. It’s a jack-of-all-trades among flagship devices. The S-pen can be used as a remote shutter which can be useful when mounting the device on a tripod. It has a 6.8-inch screen size. Other features of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus include a long battery life, strong and fast performance, real-time focus effects for videos.

Motorola G7 Power

This amazing device can be the best under 250$ especially when you are on a budget, or just don’t need to spend hundreds just for multi-lens camera phones. It still does its job well. Despite struggling in low –lights, when conditions are ideal, it can be your companion. It features an easy-to-use camera interface and it incorporates a flagship caliber software since it has Google Photos App. It has an incredible battery life, solid fast performance and can be yours for an affordable price.

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