Top Graphics Tablets For Professionals And Beginners - Top Graphics Tablets For Professionals And Beginners -

Top Graphics Tablets For Professionals And Beginners

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In the earlier days, graphic designers did not have any tablets or technological gadgets so they had to draw everything with pen and paper. They had to keep a variety of brushes so that they could give intricate designs the accuracy they needed. But, with the changing times new softwares came about and they changed the entire thing. Now, graphic designers could design using digital painting softwares that has some advanced features that made the work simpler.

But, it was still difficult to get the accuracy that was needed so the graphics tablets came about. Graphics tablets helped replace the hand-drawn art with the same level of perfection. If you want graphics tablets, here are some options that you can try. These tablets are great and they have the right size, specifications, and sensitivity that you need to make your art shine.

Wacom Intuos Pro

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This is one of the best graphics tablets available in the market. The pen pressure sensitivity is great and it makes designing very easy. There are a number of gestures that the user can customize according to his own needs. You also get access to all your software shortcuts which is definitely a plus point.

It will also help you to streamline all your work easily. The pen is battery free and moves easily on the tablet. If you are looking for a great tablet, this one is the top on the list and you can buy it online at the best prices.


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This is also one of the best graphics tablets that has 8192 pen pressure levels. The best thing about this tablet is that it is not very high on the budget so anyone can buy it easily. The pen is rechargeable which is also one of the best things about this one. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS which is great. It comes with a wireless support network so you can easily connect it to any devices that you want to. The 2500mAh battery makes it one of the best budget tablets to buy this year!

XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 Drawing Tablet

This is another good one on this list and it is also one of the best ones that you can buy this year. This comes with a Type-C unit and it easily connects with any devices. The touch sensitivity is great and allows you to design effortlessly. It also does not weigh much which makes it very easy to carry from one place to another. You also get a digital pen eraser which is also a great thing. Moreover, the toggle button allows you to move between eraser and the pen with a lot of ease which is great.


These are some of the best graphics tablets that you can buy this year. You can buy these tablets at reasonable prices online and you can also get them offline. These are the best options that you can choose from. If you love designing and art, these are the must-have gadgets for you.

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